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      Apply This 100% Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil 3 Times A Week, For Just 1 Hour To Get Stronger, Thicker & Longer Hair Naturally Like 67,000 Indian Women Who Use It...


      Indian Women Are Losing More Hair 2X Faster Than Previous Generations, Here's How You Can Stop It Naturally...

      According to the Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons of India, more than half of the urban women population in India is losing hair faster than ever before.

      Thanks to pollution, work stress, personal health, poor water quality, bad food habits and hormonal imbalances (especially in the 22-47 age group), we are losing more hair, faster. So if your grandmother started losing hair at 50 yrs of age and your dear mother at 40, you will in your early 20s and this is a fact.

      Women In India Don’t Have Any Real Hair Growth Solutions Like Men Do


      Generally, there are more beauty products for women than men. But may be because of the fact that hair loss in women is not as clearly visible and odd like men, there aren’t many natural or healthy hair growth solutions exclusively for women in India, until now...

      Introducing Royal Indulgence Amaira Hair Growth Oil with the purest, most organic scalp nourishing herbs that help Indian women regrow hair.

      What Makes Amaira So Unique?


      Royal Indulgence Amaira is an All-Round Hair Growth Solution that is made with 12 organic herbs that are proven to improve hair thickness and aids in overall growth. Unlike most hair growth oils that only address weak hair/hair-root strengthening, Amaira works at multiple levels.

      It’s unique formulation helps fight over 16 hair damaging issues like stress, pollution, bad diet, water salinity, scalp dryness, sweat allergies etc.

      Amaira has a three-pronged strategy to fight hair fall naturally.

      Step 1: Amaira first reduces hair damage and hair breakage caused due to urban lifestyles, digital exposure, UV rays, pollution and lack of a proper diet.

      Step 2: It treats the scalp for dryness, allergies & infections that cause hair damage. It will nourish the hair root and the scalp base with direct exposure high quality organic protein-rich ingredients.

      Step 3: It aids in improving hair thickness by a minimum of 10-15% by continuously nourishing and maintaining the protein levels in the hair root to give you stronger, longer and thicker hair.

      To give you a perspective, most of the popular Minoxidil based hair growth solutions use a potent mix of chemicals in their formulations. Whereas, Amaira is a 100% Ayurvedic, time-tested formulation. It is infused the highest number hair growth inducing herbs (12) in their purest and most organic form.

      This is what really makes Amaira a truly organic, safe and an all-round hair growth solution like no other. These are some of the many nourishing ingredients that make Amaira so effective:

      Neeli ( Indigofera Tinctoria)


      It is used to treat premature greying, baldness, split hairs, hair loss, scalp itching and clear your scalp of all infections elements.

      Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba)


      Bhringraj, known as ‘Kehraj‘ in Assamese and ‘Karisalankanni’ in Tamil, is a medicinal herb that grows in moist areas. The leaf of Bhringraj is good for the hair nourishment. It is regarded as the ‘rasayana’ – an ingredient that rejuvenates and slows down the ageing process in the human body.

      Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica)


      Amla is one of the best natural solutions for reducing hair loss and improving hair growth. It also contains essential fatty acids, which strengthen hair follicles, giving your hair strength and luster. The Vitamin C in Amla can help halt pre-mature greying too.

      Karnasphota (Cardiospermum Halicacabum)


      Karnasphota is used widely in Ayurvedic and Allopathic medicines. It is proved to be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and a natural refrigerant. It helps in nourishing dry skin and reducing itchiness, thus helping your scalp in being clean and bacteria-free to grow naturally.

      4 Kinds Of Pure Organic Milk


      While most hair growth solutions use a highly chemical synthetic base, Amaira uses organic cow, goat, buffalo and coconut milk as the base solution. Each of these ingredients are known to provide the best natural nourishment to hair roots. Amaira is made with 100% organic milk sourced from the best producers in the country.

      These are just few of the many highly-potent, natural and 100% organic hair nourishing ingredients that are used to formulate a solution that is effective, safe and without any side-effects whatsoever.

      Amaira Is 100% Natural, Safe & Effective


      As a 100% natural, Ayurveda based product, Amaira does not promise any instant transformations. Since the body will shed the previous weak and dead hair, do not expect instant results. Expect hair fall in the first 3-4 times of using this oil.

      However, if you do not see a visible growth in your hair even after a month, please contact customer care (Phn: 040-39561410 7 Mail: to avail your 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

      For the effort you've taken to try this product - we'd like to also give you a Free Amazon Coupon Worth Rs.100/- as a goodwill gesture, along with a FULL REFUND. But, only 0.07% of Amaira users have ever claimed a refund, just another example of how effective Amaira truly is!

      Certified by Ministry of Ayush India

      Royal Indulgence Amaira is an Ayurvedic hair growth oil that is certified by the ministry of Ayush, (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddi and Homeopathy), Govt. of India. Consumers are advised not to purchase Ayurvedic products that do not have Ayush approval for sale, to avoid health hazards and ensure safety.

      Infused with 12 Herbs

      Amaira has the highest percentage of scalp nourishing herbs found in any hair growth product in india.

      "I Was Really Sceptical About Adding Another Hair Growth Product To My Regime After So Many Failed Ones But I Saw A Difference Within Just A Few Weeks”


      Bought it to increase the growth of hair...

      I ordered Amaira to only for increasing the growth and thickness of my hair. I have really thin hair and it does not look bulky at all but I was not really sure Amaira would work..

      Religiously applied it 3 times a week

      I applied it for 1 hour before washing my hair, 3 times per week. In the first 10 days I could see some volume in my hair, and in one month, the change was very visible. After 3 months my hair was so much healthier and thicker that even colleagues started to notice...

      It simplified my life so much...

      I used to use a shampoo, hair growth conditioner and also a serum at night that the doctor suggested. These were not showing great results and were expensive. Now after being sure of the results - I completely shifted to using only Amaira Oil.. that too, just 2 times per week after the initial three months. It is just like a natural miracle, no side effects, not very costly and surely very effective. I will suggest it to anyone who wants thick and long hair!

      For Best Results The Oil Must Be Used As Prescribed By Ayurvedic Healers


      According to Yoga, the human body consists of seven chakras through which the life force moves through the body. Situated at pivotal points of the body, one amongst these seven is the ‘sahasrara’ chakra, found located on the head.

      This is the soft part of the skull that is found in babies, and is referred to as the ‘madhma sthana’ as life resides here. Interestingly, and with reference to the discussion on heat within the body, 80% of the internal heat in human beings too is located within this chakra.

      Thus, to reduce stress, promote circulation and release trapped heat, this is the chakra that must be stimulated. With this, your head is less stressed, more relaxed and creates a nourishing environment for healthy hair growth.

      To do this with the Amaira oil and get visible results-

      1. Take a good quantity of the oil in your palm and pour it on the ‘madhma sthana’ (the centre of your head).
      2. Use your palm to pat the oil into the scalp 8-10 times.
      3. Gently stimulate the area with your fingers for a minute. Once done, massage the oil all over the scalp.
      4. Wash the oil off within an hour.


      1. This oil contains many natural scalp cooling herbs. If used over night, especially in cold places (like Delhi, North East etc.) or during monsoons/winters - you may catch cold and hence it is advised to wash it in an hour.
      2. Avoid heating the oil. If you prefer using warm oil, heat a bowl separately, and pour the oil into it after. Alternately, one could even try using a double condenser (take a bigger bowl half-filled with water and heat it over the stove. Take the oil in a smaller bowl and allow the bowl containing the oil to float on the water).
      3. Seek medical help if you suffer from conditions like PCOD.

      Use the oil thrice a week for the first two months, and twice a week thereafter

      No, We Aren’t Asking You To Take Our Word On This- Read Our Reviews To Find Out For Yourself!

      My Hair Is Thicker & Healthier

      “I was tired of seeing my hair vanish with every passing day. None of the products which I tried actually show much difference. I used to feel embarrassed with such less amount of hair in just my thirties. I received Amaira and saw a visible difference in the first few uses itself. I have been a regular user of Amaira ever since and can flaunt my healthy thick hair confidently now !”

      Pragati Malhotra*, Content Writer, Chennai.

      I Thought Now Women Also Have A Hair Growth Oil That Works....

      “Amaira changed my life. My hair was extremely damaged and brittle causing it to break. I was not able to grow my hair out because of this which made me very upset as I’m getting married this December. Thanks to my BFF who suggested this oil, I have seen massive improvement. God bless you guys!”

      Ritika Dash*, Software Developer, Pune.

      I Now Have Great Hair Naturally

      "I have tried numerous number of products who claim to increase growth of hair and increase thickness. And I tried Amaira thinking it would also be one such product but I am happy that I was proved wrong. Amaira nourished my scalp and I saw my hair become thicker with regular usage”

      Keerthi Iyengar*, Graphic Designer, Bangalore.

      *Disclaimer- The views expressed above are individual opinion. Please note that the results may vary from person to person.

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      Certified by Ministry of Ayush India

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      Limited Stock - Hurry Before It Sells Out!

      The Royal Indulgence Amaira Hair Oil has been formulated keeping the need of the modern generation in mind. An ancient formula for a modern problem, the Amaira Hair oil is full of 100% natural, hand-picked herbal ingredients that delivers what they promise.

      First released as handouts to a select few customers in December 2016, the intense word-of-mouth publicity generated encouraged the manufacturers to go full-scale. Starting in January 2017, Amaira has seen phenomenal success with the first 1000 bottles being sold out in just three days.

      In February 2016, the Royal Indulgence Amaira production unit was tripled in numbers, we expanded our Ayurvedic expert team for consultation and had production per day scaled up to meet the growing number of orders.

      Guess what hasn’t changed though?

      Despite all this, we still sell out. Therefore, I’m letting you know beforehand, buy now! Or you might miss out entirely!

      About The Creator Of Amaira Hair Growth Oil

      Royal Indulgence Amaira is the brain-child of Ayurvedic practitioner Dr Manjusha Manneri.

      After the record-breaking sales of her skin-care products Lodhradi and Kumkumadi and Keshvi, Dr Manjusha started receiving requests from a wide assortment of people to create a hair care product which also helps grow hair.

      After exhaustive research into the Ayurveda behind hair damage and care, Dr Manjusha created Amaira for hair growth and increase thickness. Since its launch in January 2017, this 100% natural hair growth product has been a runaway success and is now trusted by thousands of young Indians like you.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      1. Is this product safe to use?

      Royal Indulgence Amaira Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic product manufactured under strict Ayurvedic guidelines. As such it does not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals. However, as some people may be allergic to some herbal products, we recommend a patch test before using the oil. Use a small amount of the oil on the wrist/inner elbow. If the area gets red/inflamed, further use is not recommended.

      2. Does this product have any side effects?

      The product does not have any side effects. However, as some people may be allergic to some herbal products, we recommend a patch test before using the oil. Use a small amount of the oil on the wrist/inner elbow. If the area gets red/inflamed, further use is not recommended.

      3. Do you make deliveries all over India?

      Yes, we ship to all locations within India.

      4.What are the shipping charges on this product?

      At StyleCraze, we believe in hassle-free customer service. There are NO shipping charges, we offer FREE SHIPPING to all locations within India.

      5. Is a Cash On Delivery (COD) option available?

      For those of our customers who prefer transacting in cash, we have a Cash On Delivery (COD) option available.

      6. How long does it take you to dispatch an order?

      We make all dispatches within 24 hours of you placing the order.

      7. How long will it take to receive Amaira at my doorstep?

      You can expect receipt of your product within 3-5 business days of placing the order.

      8. I have queries regarding the product. Who can I talk to?

      If you have any queries or complaints regarding the product, please call us at 040-39561410 or email us at

      9. Who can use the Royal Indulgence Amaira Hair Oil?

      The Royal Indulgence Amaira Hair Oil has been designed for use by men, women and children of any age group.

      NOTE: Royal Indulgence Amaira Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic product sold exclusively in India by

      *Disclaimer: Royal Indulgence Amaira is not a chemical/artificial hair formulation that promises unbelievable results. It is a traditional Ayurvedic proprietary remedy which will help maintain your hair and strengthen​ it naturally. Results after using Amaira may vary depending on the hair, health and climatic conditions.

      BEWARE OF FAKE PRODUCTS: Royal Indulgence Amaira ONLY Sells On,, and Do Not Purchase This Product From Any Other Site As This May Be A Fake/Counterfeit Product Or An Unauthorized Formulation That May Cause Adverse Side Effects.