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      Nivr Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil (200 ML)

      (30 customer reviews)

      Nivr Ayurvedic Hair Growth Oil (200 ML)

      (30 customer reviews)
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      iVEDA NIVR hair oil is a 100% Ayurvedic, time-tested formulation that works at multiple levels. Blended with six ayurvedic herbs, Bhringraj, Neeli, Amla, Aloe Vera to name a few, this unique formulation helps fight over 16 hair damaging issues like stress, pollution, scalp dryness etc.


      Customer Reviews (30)

      Shonali Das   Verified Purchase

      Nivr was a life changer for me. I used to have a lot of hair fall. Due to the daily traveling in pollution they had become really damaged and frizzy. I was really tensed and no product really worked. That’s when I came across Nivr and I have seen a massive improvement since then. My hair fall has reduced and I have much smoother, shinier hair!

      Rashmi Mor   Verified Purchase

      I was tired of seeing my hair filled with dandruff and falling with every passing day. None of the products which I tried actually show much difference. I received Nivr and saw a visible difference in the first few uses itself. I have been a regular user of Nivr ever since and can flaunt my healthy thick, dandruff free hair now!

      Anam Jalal   Verified Purchase

      I have tried numerous number of products who claim to increase growth of hair and blacken my hair naturally. And I tried Nivr thinking it would also be one such product but I am happy that I was proved wrong. Nivr nourished my scalp and I saw my hair become blacker and thicker with regular usage.

      Chaitali Sharma   Verified Purchase

      I have hair fall but not any other major issue. Nivr is full of natural scalp nourishing herbs and gives me a cooling sensation after application. I use it twice a week and it has reduced my hair fall and my hair is silkier and stronger than before

      Ayushi Tankala   Verified Purchase

      Slow and steady growth in new hair growth. it's been 1 month I completed today. I have got only little hairs, but my hair fall stopped completely.

      Raini Sen   Verified Purchase

      Since I have a lot of dandruff it makes my hair fall a lot. After trying various products which didn’t really make a difference to my hair and scalp, I switched to Nivr. and it is probably one of the best decisions I took! It makes my hair grow fast and I don’t have any sign of dandruff at all now

      Savita Arora   Verified Purchase

      I have tried numerous number of products who claim to increase growth of hair and blacken my hair naturally. And I tried Nivr thinking it would also be one such product but I am happy that I was proved wrong. Nivr nourished my scalp and I saw my hair become blacker and thicker with regular usage

      Gyanvi Singh   Verified Purchase

      Very good hair oil. For past one month I am using this hair oil and have seen very positive results. My hair fall reduced to a great extent. Must use oil for all having hair problem. Worth every penny!

      Anusha Reddy   Verified Purchase

      I liked the product. My hair fall has been reduced to a great extent. It's a little bit expensive but it worth the price. This oil is a combination of all good oils which are necessary for hair growth. I would recommend this hair oil to everyone facing hair fall.

      Nisha Bagadia   Verified Purchase

      Yes this oil is awesome. It made my hair look soft naturally. I don’t have to use conditioner after shampoo. Actually also i felt a bit change in my hair growth. I feel my hair are growing a bit faster. Thank you so much for helping me out and giving me my hair such a wonderful remedy.

      Jyoti Y   Verified Purchase

      It is highly price. Best to stop hair loss. If you have dandruff, this is the best oil in market. Cheers !!!

      Sheetal Mittal   Verified Purchase

      It really works. At present the quality of hair has improved significantly. It is thick, hair fall have reduced and most importantly hair density has increased. But kindly be patient with the product. It takes time. I have been using it for my last 5 months and I am starting to see the benefits now.

      Sandhya K   Verified Purchase

      one thing is sure . My hair falling stopped and hairs become blackish. New hairs are yet to see. I am in my 13th day.

      Monica J   Verified Purchase

      Wondered why this product is out of stock always. Now understood the mystery. Guys if you want to see results, then grab these bottles 2 or 3 at one go. This goes out of stock quite often.

      Komal Garg   Verified Purchase

      I am into my second week. My hair fall has comparatively reduced. Hoping for new hair growth.

      Meghna Sarkar   Verified Purchase

      I have used 3 bottles so far and I will surely recommend this product. Best for dandruff, hair fall reduces drastically and new hair also grow. Do not expect that you’ll get back all your lost hair overnight. Complete hair restoration might not be possible but don’t you find this product worthy if it saves your existing hair and re-grows some hair

      Sayyada Farah   Verified Purchase

      I'm using this product since last one month ,now hair fall has stopped but could not see any hair regrowth. Still keeping continue for some more days and expecting good result

      Reema Morsu   Verified Purchase

      Thankzz for such a good product..i am using last 30 days and its really works , i am feel the confidence with new hair, make more effective with worth.

      Anita Bhatt   Verified Purchase

      100% ayurvedic product, got very good results, i am very happy with this oil. thank you so much!!

      Karishma Khanna   Verified Purchase

      This oil really works. Give a try at least once if you have any hair fall issues. Its a bit costly but worth a try.

      Pranavi Jhoshi   Verified Purchase

      After getting my hands on this best hair oil for hair fall control and hair growth, I used it as directed for about 3 weeks. I sometimes leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning to have my hair looking healthy and grease free for a longer time.

      Jayashree Sarkar   Verified Purchase

      This hair oil for good hair growth definitely protects your hair from any further damage caused by hair styling tools, hair color, leave-in products etc. It is also induced with 6 organic hair growth inducing herbs making it a complete nourishment package for your hair.

      Sonali Bose   Verified Purchase

      I was recommended by a friend to use this hair oil for stimulating hair growth. I have used this oil once and really liked it. It's very light and easy to apply. The best part of the product is that it's not at all greasy product so can leave it overnight. I totally recommend the hair oil to all

      Shiny Singh   Verified Purchase

      This is the second bottle iam using. This oil is suggested by my friend.It works well for my dry & falling hair.I have tried many remedies to reduce hair fall but nothing worked out.With in 5 applications , my hairfall reduced and my hair is smoother & shiny.

      Sofia Joseph   Verified Purchase

      This is the second bottle that is being used by my sister. After someone gifted her this brand , she found that this had a positive effect on the hair texture and stopped hair fall to a certain extent. Need to use for a longer term for posting a detailed review

      Anju Mahajan   Verified Purchase

      A Friend referred me to use this product. It's a very good hair oil. My hair fall reduced after using couple of hair growth also improved a lot. Its definitely worth trying

      Anita Sugumaran   Verified Purchase

      This oil is very useful in controlling hair fall and hair growth, this is referred by one of my friend. I am happy with this oil. I recommend this oil

      Athira Nair   Verified Purchase

      This is one of the best products which worked on my hair fall problem

      Supriya Bhatt   Verified Purchase

      I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have chanced upon this product. NIVR has found a permanent place in my vanity

      Shamma Sayed   Verified Purchase

      This is one of the best things I have come across lately. I have dry and frizzy hair and I just love how NIVR has solved my problem. I have already ordered my second bottle

      Ayushi Goel   Verified Purchase

      OMG! NIVR has solved what hundreds of hair oil could not. I am so happy with this product. There is a boost in my hair growth

      Jyothi Shankar   Verified Purchase

      I am never going back to my old hair oils. Thankyou NIVR

      Sheena Nair   Verified Purchase

      This is the best thing that has happened to me. The product really works!!